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SuzelleDIY Recipes

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Suzelle’s takes traditional South African recipe’s and adds her quirky DIY twist! A must have for anyone who loves to cook!

Hello and welcome to my exciting new book, Recipes by SuzelleDIY! Come on a fun-filled food adventure with me (and some of my friends) and learn some handy tips and tricks along the way. These pages are filled with my all-time favourite recipes that the whole family can enjoy! From easy-peasy midweek meals to delicious crowd pleasers, sweet treats and of course a bit of DI Braai! From breakfast waffles and fancy papterts to baklava braai pies and popcorn lollies, there really is something in this book for everyone! So if you are looking to spice up your dinner parties, zoosh up your lunch box or if you’re just up for some Suzelle fun and a bit of kitchen creativity, then look no further. DIY? Because anybody can!

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